Niger: France throws in the towel..Macron says”We will consult the putschists, because we want this to be done peacefully.”

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In relation to negotiations with the Nigerien authorities, Macron stated: “We will consult the putschists, because we want this to be done peacefully.” This is the biggest U-Turn of the century. A man who explicitly stated he will never negotiate with Niger is now saying this.

In diplomatic terms, it is safe to say that Niger and the resistance of his people has prevailed. This is a model for other African countries seeking to fight their colonialist oppressor. If your people stay united and persevere towards a common goal, they will be victorious.
This victory was not the junta’s. It was a product of the resilience & determination of the Nigerien people.They left a superpower humiliated & having to eat its words. ECOWAS has been weakened. It has essentially lost,& the damage caused to this institution will be long felt.
In his infamous overnight capitulation interview, Macron expressed the following views about Bazoum: “He was targeted by this coup d’etat because he was carrying out courageous reforms and because there was a largely ethnic settling of scores and a lot of political cowardice,”

Macron is trying to incite ethnic strife in

. He is not happy to see a peaceful

. Let me be clear, Bazoum wasn’t kicked out because of his ethnicity. No one could care less about it. He was kicked out because of his incompetence & for consistently acting against Nigerien interests.

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