Ex Lagos Guber candidate writes US public commentator urging him to speak up for Nigeria to help get FBI records on Mr Tinubu released



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@tuckercarlson Could you please ask on behalf of Nigerians & other Africans who clearly value and prize American education, given the shady activities of

@chicagostate over the years, why

@usedgov has done nothing about them? The latest is the absurd saga of the man currently sitting as president of Nigeria, who, having claimed to have graduated summa cum laude from Chicago State University in 1979, is now scrambling desperately in the Northern District Court of Illinois TO NOT have his ACADEMIC RECORDS released to Nigerians! There exists a suspicion that the person who graduated under that name is a WOMAN! This suspicion is now greater, after his last minute appeal to have the release delayed, or for the degree ONLY to be released, but not the GENDER or transcript. Also, this man has an FBI file that is at least 2,500 pages long, apparently, that will be released in October. I doubt that Pablo Escobar had that many FBI pages dedicated to him! Kind Regards, B.O.G.

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