Atiku seeks to prove that the CSU certificate bearing BolaTinubu does not belong to BolaAhmedTinubu who was declared winner of Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election.Mr Romeo

And to think that this was same BayoOnanuga that exposed SalisuBuhari’s Toronto certificate scandal…now defending Tinubu who said that releasing his full academic records would cause him severe-n-irreparable damage🤷‍♂️some things don’t just add up. But let me explain to BayoOnanuga with the following illustration for him to understand that the rest of us are not as foolish and stupid as Emily’s mental slaves. Let me also remind him that the basic issue is not about Emily’s physical attendance of CSU nor his acquisition of its degree, but that the real issue is whether Emily stole someone else’s identity with which he gained admission into CSU, meaning that if it is established that he stole someone’s identity (who happened to be a female American citizen/name: BolaTinubu/DOB 1954/), then the certificate Emily is brandishing belongs to the female American citizen. It therefore means that he committed forgery and perjury by submitting another person’s certificate to relevant authorities in Nigeria. This is the reason he first pleaded stay-of-execution to a Chicago court order directing CSU to release all his purported documents to Atiku under oath. And now instead of explaining to the appellate judge his reason for saying that the release would cause him severe-n-irreparable damage he has now asked the judge to order only the release of only his degree certificate and without his other academic records details. He knows the certificate is useless to Atiku’s fact finding mission without the corresponding pre-admission details. Now to my illustratio👇👇👇👇👇


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A certificate is not all there is to academic records. Someone’s academic records in a tertiary institution means the person’s complete pre-admission, admission and post-admission documents. If I use the documents of my brother or friend to gain admission into a school, that means that when I graduate my degree certificate must bear same name I used to gain admission except I had legally changed the original name contained in the admission papers. For instance if my pre-admission documents bear Kemi Sowunmi (Female/American citizen), and my degree certificate bears Kemi Sowunmi, and I had submitted the certificate to INEC and had sworn to an affidavit that I am a Male and a Nigerian citizen only, it means I have lied under oath which is perjury, a very serious criminal offence anywhere in the world. Now if my opponent in an election discovers the criminal act, certainly he would seek to prove it and the only way is by getting my school to release all the pre-admission, admission and post-admission documents of Kemi Sowunmi in order to expose the fact that my certificate belongs to a female American citizen called Kemi Sowunmi.
This is Atiku’s exact mission: to expose that BolaAhmedTinubu (Male/Nigerian citizen) stole the identity of one BolaTinubu (Female/American citizen) and used her documents to gain admission into CSU. He seeks to prove that BolaAhmedTinubu was not the original name of his APC opponent in the 2023 presidential election. Atiku seeks to prove that the CSU certificate bearing BolaTinubu does not belong to BolaAhmedTinubu who was fraudulently declared winner of Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election.
This is the reason Tinubu is desperate to stop the release of his full academic records, saying that the disclosure would cause him severe and irreparable consequences. It is also the reason he has pleaded with the court to order only the release of his CSU certificate to Atiku without the pre-admission documents he used to gain admission into CSU which will expose his gender and nationality and probably forged primary and secondary schools certificates. But he must convince the court on why the court should grant his prayers. It will be a miracle if he succeeds.

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