How and why France has 9 military bases in Chad

ttention Chad =-this is a message to all Africans, at home and abroad! This is a serious problem and a matter of paramount importance. So, let’s address it! Here are 3 maps, two showing 9 French military bases in Chad =, and the third one showing the number of US = military bases around the world, just for illustration purposes. So, for the sake of what I’ll write, I’ll focus mainly on Chad. Chad = covers a total land area of 1,284,000 square kilometers (495,755 square miles). It is the 21st largest country in the world and the fifth largest in Africa. If you like, for my = followers, Chad is roughly the size of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico combine, and twice the size of France =. So, it’s really a big country. But how and why in the world, did they allow France to have 9 military bases in their country ? I don’t wanna go into more details, but the answer is simple: it’s the Françafrique. See, the two foundational pillars of the Françafrique are the military cooperation and the CFA franc. Get rid of their military cooperation, and you’ll be half through of given a deadly blow to this evil system of bondage we’re trapped into, because you would have weakened them by then. That’s why last year May, Christian Cambon, a French senator was so mad after Mali = ended their military cooperation with France = , that he said on TV that Mali will pay for this. In other words, they will try to get revenge, by trying to destabilize the country, and now the region, because Burkina Faso = and Niger = followed in the footsteps of Mali =, and I’m glad we did. It’s worth noting that, in the pact for the continuation of colonization, all these accords were never ratified by any parliament of any Francophone country. That’s why they are called secret accords. As a proof, there was a military cooperation signed between France and Burkina Faso in 1961, but was never ratified by the parliament. I can promise you, it’s the same scheme in all Francophone countries. So, when we asked the French soldiers to leave our country, it came out that they were actually illegally occupying our country since 2009. It was a deal they made with the traitor Blaise Compaore, who btw, was against the idea, because he knew that the day the Burkinabè find out, we were going to react. So, it was secretive, but somehow, some journalists found out and started writing about it. They were threatened to not publish it. But you can’t hide things like these from the public. Long story short, it was under the previous corrupt government in 2015, that France got to sign a legal document justifying their military presence under the name “Force Sabre”. Back to Chad, since its independence in 1960, French soldiers were present there. In fact, the northern part of the country was still under French rule until 1965. What does that tell you ? I leave it to your own imagination. But one thing is sure, they aren’t there to protect the people, no! They aren’t there either to fight terrorism as


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will say lol. No one goes to war for charity! These people think we’re fools! Petroleum, Gold, Natron (sodium carbonate), Uranium, Limestone, Sand, Gravel, Kaolin, Salt, Silver, Diamonds, Quartz, Bauxite, Granite, Tin, Tungsten, Titanium, Iron ore, this is what France is there for! Get it now ? In 1975, Chad first President François Tombalbaye was fed up with the French, and didn’t want to give them the oil anymore, and wants to diversify his partners. Result? France sent in its secret services DGSE to get rid of him. The man died, it’s business as usual, France is happy, Chadians are in extreme poverty and hunger. Worst, France supported former President Hissene Habre, a convicted war criminal who killed thousands of his own people. But when he wanted to rebel against his master, France deposed him and put another puppet Idriss Deby in 1990. Many times, French soldiers in N’Djamena intervened to save Deby from rebel groups.



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