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(1.) Bola Ahmed Tinubu was actually born as Amoda Ogunlere in a rustic Village called Iragbiji, in Osun State. He grew up as a street boy in Ibadan and shuttles in and out of Lagos.

(2.) He engaged in identity theft and adopted Bola A. Tinubu, the name of his female identity theft victim, as his new name.

(3.) He got hold of his victim’s Cambridge GCE A’Level certificate and travelled to the USA with the stolen identity.

(4.)The Cambridge GCE A’Level examination in Tinubu’s possession used to be called “IJMB”. It was designed deliberately by the British mainly for northern students who were finding the regular GCE A’Level examinations too difficult. Southerners write the regular GCE A’Level examinations conducted by WAEC.

(5.) Armed with the A’Level result, Tinubu sought admission into Richard Dailey College (also known as South West College, in Chicago, USA).

(6.) His admission required him to present his O’Level result but because he did not have his identity theft victim’s O’Level results, he created the imaginary Government College, Lagos as the school that he attended and sat for his O’Level exams in 1970. The school was actually established in 1973.

(7.) Tinubu was nonetheless admitted into the Richard Dailey College because the American Education System operates on the basis of Cumulative Credit Hours, which means you can be admitted into a College and continue to write other related subjects to correct your entry qualification deficiency before graduation.

(8.) Tinubu later transferred from Richard Dailey College to CSU. Based on the documents released by the CSU, it is only the Admission Letter (Exhibit CSU 0020) and the Students Registration Letter (Exhibit CSU 0025) that referred to him as “Mr. Tinubu”. In both letters, the “Mr. Tinubu” phrase and his residential address were superimposed on the letters, with obvious differences in words placement and alignment, character and fonts, and alphabet size. In one of the letters, his name and address were even handwritten.

(9.) While it is true that Tinubu attended the CSU, he did not graduate because the CSU informed him in June 1979 that he cannot graduate without passing 3 outstanding mandatory courses – Math 101 & 104; and ENG 222 (Exhibit CSU 0026). Also, there is no transcript evidence from CSU confirming that Tinubu eventually passed these 3 courses and graduated in the same 1979.

(10.) His failure to graduate from CSU was what motivated him to print his own “oluwole” (Fake) Diploma that he submitted to INEC. The question is- why would anyone submit a forged diploma to INEC when he or she can get the genuine version within 24 hours of requesting for it. It is on record that Tinubu, on 26 June 2023 (even before the commencement of the Atiku-Chicago Lawsuit)., requested the CSU to release his academic records to his lawyer – Oluwole Afolabi, and Oluwole Afolabi got the documents same day (see Exhibits CSU 0014 and CSU 0013).

(11.) Meanwhile., the supposed Classmate of Tinubu that claimed Tinubu contested with him for the presidency of the CSU Accounting Students Association clearly protected himself under oath by limiting his deposition to Tinubu’s attendance at CSU, avoiding any mention of graduation. He surely knows the implication of lying on oath more than Tinubu.

(12.) The above revelations are the reasons why Tinubu has been juggling his academic records in a bid to hide the identity theft and his non-graduation. Some of the inconsistencies in the documents he voluntarily provided over the years, on Oath, since he commenced his political journey are:

(a.) He claimed to have attended Christ School, Aroloya, Lagos (NOT TRUE!). The school has no record of his attendance.

(b.) He claimed to have attended Government College, Lagos (NOT TRUE!). The school was not existing when he claimed to be a student there.

(c.) He claimed to have attended Government College, Ibadan (NOT TRUE!). The schools has no record of his attendance.

(d.) He claimed to have attended University of Chicago, a federal University, different from the Chicago State University which is a state University (NOT TRUE!). The School has no record of his attendance.

(e.) He claimed to have been officially exempted from the NYSC programme on account of his age (NOT TRUE!). He only presented NYSC Discharge Certificate that bears the name of Bola ADEKUNLE Tinubu. This “ADEKUNLE” is a new name that has no historical relationship with any known records of Tinubu.

(f.) He claimed to have attended Richard Dailey College (TRUE- but it was based on a stolen identity and stolen result of a woman named Bola Adebimpe Tinubu).

(g.) He claimed to have attended CSU (TRUE- he got admitted to CSU, based on a stolen identity/academic results but he did not graduate!!!).

(h.) he claimed to have obtained a graduation diploma from CSU in 1979 (NOT TRUE!). He forged a graduation diploma that the CSU has confirmed did not emanate from them.

(i.) He claimed to have worked in Deloitte (NOT TRUE!). Deloitte confirmed in writing that he was never their employee at any time.

(j.) He claimed to have worked in Mobil (TRUE- but he ‘gamed’ Mobil to secure the employment based on a cooked up identity and/or forged educational qualifications).

(k.) He claimed that Abibatu Mogaji, the late Iyaoloja-General of Lagos was his mother (NOT TRUE!). They were not related by any means at all.

(l.) He claimed to be a blood line of the famous Tinubu family in Lagos Island (NOT TRUE!). He is not related to them in any way. A book by the then Head of the Tinubu Family, Kafaru Oluwole Tinubu, clearly denied any such family relationship.

Finally., Tinubu was trained by the ‘Chicago Mafia,’ one of the most dreaded Mafia Groups in the world. He did drugs and money laundering business for them. With this background of Tinubu, is it not possible that he may have compromised some officials of CSU (the likes of Jamar Orr) to manipulate the CSU system and alter file documents in order to sustain the impression that he graduated in 1979?

Or could it be that the statement by CSU officials that he graduated was just a sneaky scheme to save themselves and their institution from bigger embarrassment and possible criminal liability with respect to this matter?

It is clear therefore that there is no supporting transcript evidence that shows that Tinubu eventually passed the 3 outstanding mandatory courses and graduated from CSU.

This ‘Tinubugate’ will surely embarrass a lot of individuals and institutions because a criminal investigation is already underway in the USA. The imminent investigation may provide additional damning information. Meanwhile, we are still awaiting the release of Tinubu’s 2,500 pages FBI files, which the FBI will be releasing in tranches of 500 copies per month, starting from this month (October).

I hope when the shit hits the fan, Tinubu will still be able to repeat his earlier statement that no one should pity him because he asked for this job.

-David Olalekan Olanrewaju,
Our Moment Newspaper
Tel: 09093211000

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