Stop advising IPOBIANS to pick up arms,IPOB supporters tell Ambazonian leader

Good morning Biafrans and lovers of freedom. What if we tell you that Dr Cho Ayaba the deputy leader of the Ambazonian people betrayed his leader who was captured and detained by the Cameroonian government over 6 years ago? Dr Cho Ayaba instead of finding a means to get their leader out immediately swung into parading himself as the new leader for the Ambazonian people who are also seeking referendum from Cameroon. Dr Cho Ayaba as the new leader of Ambazonia resorted to arms thinking that Cameroon will be scared of him and release their leader. Whether their leader is still alive and detained till today or dead and buried, they don’t know. Few foreign countries that supported Ambazonia during the time of their ‘captured’ leader are all withdrawing their supports. As for IPOB allegiance to Ambazonia, it is hanging on the fence. Dr Cho Ayaba and his Ambazonia are currently alone. He knew that he got it all wrong but he is also thinking that it is late for him to make amend considering the lives they have killed, including that he does not want to be blamed for why their many foreign supporters have withdrawn. This is the reason he has connived with Simon Ekpa in Finland to destroy Biafra agitation the same way he has destroyed Ambazonia agitation. It can’t be, we are different and our ways of agitation cannot be the same. Dr Cho Ayaba is doing everything within his power to make sure that Biafrans pick up arms in agitation for their freedom. Since Dr Cho Ayaba picked up arms, has his leader been released? Has Ambazonia been recognized as one of the independent nations in the world? We cannot be violent. Stop advising some unthinking Biafrans to pick up arms in agitation for our freedom. Ojukwu picked up arm for the freedom of Biafra for three years from 1967 and Britain assisted Nigeria in starving to death over 3.5 million Biafrans mostly women and children. We know what picking arms will result to, so don’t push us. This is 2000s not 1990s. Our ways were defined by our leader Nnamdi Kanu before we came and that is peaceful agitation. If that way is to be changed, Nnamdi Kanu will be the one to change it not Dr Cho Ayaba. IPOB is peacefully agitating for the freedom of the Biafran people and we are currently scooping supporters from all over the world. We are not violent and we won’t go violent anytime soon.


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