The Lagos team and model wont work at the federal level…go and rewok your strategies..Rewane tells Tinubu

Chief Executive Officer of Financial Derivatives Company Limited, Mr. Bismarck Rewane, has advised President Bola Tinubu “to ramp up the skills in understanding federal and national economic dynamics” because experience garnered at state government’s level is not enough to run a federal government.


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Prime Business Africa reports that Tinubu is a two-term former governor of Lagos State which he superintended over from 1999 to 2007. He had also served as a senator in the aborted Third Republic. Tinubu was sworn in as Nigeria’s 16th President on May 29, 2023, and has since constituted his government.

Presenting a paper yesterday at the November edition of the Lagos Business School Breakfast Session titled “Policy Direction Misaligned with Economic Destination”, Rewane observed that Tinubu’s “management team is vast and experienced in subnational economic policies” and warned that, “transplanting a state team to run a federal structure has serious limitations.”

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