As his tenure nears an end a petrified gov Soludo woos Ndigbo in diaspora

In addressing the intricacies of political machinations within Awka North Local Government, this article sheds light on the alleged activities of the local government chairman, Hon. ThankGod Anagor, purportedly working against Governor Soludo’s second term bid in favor of the PDP. This revelation is presented not as an accusation but as a meticulous inquiry into the dynamics that may influence the political landscape.


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Governor Soludo, this message is conveyed with sincerity and respect from a friend, a fellow academic, and someone who acknowledges your commitment to righteousness. It is not just a plea; it is an urgent call to attention. The intricacies of politics demand a proactive approach, especially concerning potential threats from within.

In recognizing your righteous disposition, it is crucial to emphasize the transformation into a seasoned politician. The political realm requires strategic measures to counter opposition and secure a successful second term. Drawing inspiration from the tactical governance of Nyesome Wike, who skillfully managed opposition during his tenure, could provide valuable insights.

Conducting a comprehensive investigation spanning over three months has revealed insights into Hon. ThankGod Anagor’s alleged alignment with the opposition. The substantial cost incurred in gathering facts underscores the depth of this inquiry, a sacrifice made apparent to Apga stakeholders in Awka North who can attest to the sincerity of this endeavor if they truly love the governor.

In the realm of politics, empowering members of the opposition within the government structure is considered a taboo. This article emphasizes the importance of vigilance in preventing potential adversaries from exploiting positions of influence against the incumbent government’s interests.

While commendation is extended for your ability to withstand opposition efforts, the article emphasizes the perpetual nature of political challenges. The call to action is to remain vigilant, recognizing that the opposition’s strategies may evolve but will not cease

Governor Soludo, your wisdom and resilience are acknowledged, but the article implores a continuous state of preparedness. It serves as a reminder that, in politics, complacency can be detrimental. The call to action is to maintain scrutiny, address potential threats promptly, and fortify your administration against any adversarial forces.

In presenting this article, my intention is not to criticize but to share observations and insights regarding the appointments within your administration. It reflects our collective commitment to the success of your administration and the well-being of Anambra State.

The appointments you have made showcase a dedication to loyalty and competence. However, I feel it is essential to express reservations about certain appointees who may unintentionally compromise the integrity of your government.

Acknowledging your appointments of individuals who genuinely support you is commendable. However, a nuanced exploration of the dynamics within these roles reveals potential vulnerabilities that warrant your attention.

Specifically, the Commissioner for Youth is brought under scrutiny for alleged alignments with the opposition. This assertion, if unfounded, necessitates correction. If substantiated, it prompts a more profound inquiry into the motives behind such actions.

On a positive note, the Commissioner for Health, your chief of staff and the commissioner for agriculture stands out as a steadfast and trustworthy member of your cabinet. This commendation underscores the importance of individuals with unwavering commitment and dedication to your administration’s objectives.

In politics, trust must coexist with vigilant oversight. While acknowledging your innate ability to discern, this article urges a critical evaluation of each appointee’s allegiance and motives. Investigate with the scrutiny of a critical thinker and act with the pragmatism of a seasoned politician.

Governor Soludo, your vision for Anambra State is noble, and the success of your administration hinges on the judicious management of personnel. This article seeks to reinforce our shared commitment to excellence, urging you to navigate the intricate landscape of appointments with strategic wisdom.

This article conveys a heartfelt message from a concerned citizen, fellow academia and supporter of your vision for Anambra State. The plea within these lines is not merely an observation but a sincere call for your second term, a prospect that aligns with the aspirations of full-blooded Anambrarians who ardently desire the continued progress of our beloved state.

The sentiment echoed here is one that resonates among those who cherish the ideals of progress over partisan loyalties. An overwhelming consensus among true sons and daughters of Anambra State is that your return to office is paramount, recognizing your commitment to the advancement and prosperity of our homeland.

Concerns have surfaced regarding the dynamics within your government and the efficacy of your political advisers. This attachment refrains from delving into explicit details, trusting that you, as the governor, are best positioned to assess and address the workings within your cabinets. The essence of this message is a plea for introspection and corrective measures to ensure that appointed officers align with your vision for a livable and thriving homeland.

The unwavering hope is that your second coming will not only solidify the progress made thus far but will also address any internal challenges that may hinder the full realization of your transformative agenda. Anambra State awaits the continuation of your leadership, marked by its dedication to excellence, progress, and the collective well-being of its citizens.

This article endeavors to illuminate a matter of significance concerning the activities of Hon. ThankGod Anagor and the inadvertent role played by the Commissioner for Youth and Sports in these affairs. The aim is to bring to your attention certain events that may impact the reputation of Apga and the Anambra state government.

Regrettably, the registration period for the second batch of the “One Youth, Two Skills” initiative, a commendable effort by your administration to alleviate poverty and unemployment among the youths, was reportedly hindered in Awka North. Information dissemination to the constituents was obstructed, leading to a lack of awareness and participation. This obstruction, as our investigation suggests, was orchestrated by Hon. Anagor for political gains.

It is alleged that Hon. Anagor, harboring political aspirations for the state house of assembly or even the House of Representatives in the next election, manipulated the initiative to build structures against Apga. His intention, it is claimed, is to contest under the PDP umbrella, thereby potentially impacting your second term bid.

Regrettably, the indigenes of Awka North were deprived of timely information due to this maneuver. Hon. Anagor reportedly engaged with the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, conveying the false narrative that his constituents were unaware of the registration. Consequently, the commissioner, in good faith and with a desire to be inclusive, released forms to Hon. Anagor, despite being aware that the registration had already closed.

While the Commissioner for Youth and Sports displayed commendable intentions, this incident underscores a broader concern. The appointment of opposition members, like Hon. Anagor, to positions of authority may inadvertently pose challenges to the unity and objectives of the Apga party.

This article respectfully urges a reevaluation of the appointment strategies to ensure that individuals appointed align closely with the party’s principles and do not inadvertently contribute to actions that may undermine the party’s integrity.

This write up delves into the aftermath of Hon. ThankGod Anagor’s acquisition of forms from the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, shedding light on concerning actions taken thereafter. The intent is to bring to your attention a series of events that may have implications for the reputation of Apga and your administration.

After obtaining the forms, Hon. Anagor reportedly brought them to Awka North with a specific directive to his workers: ensure that each covers up to two hundred individuals. What follows is an alarming revelation—Anagor purportedly distributed these forms primarily to PDP members in Awka North. This claim, if proven true, raises serious questions about the integrity of the political processes within the region.

I solemnly implore verification of these assertions. An open call is extended to the people of Awka North, the intelligence of Apga members, and all concerned individuals to investigate this matter. If these claims are baseless, may the heavens judge the sincerity of this message; if, however, they prove true, it becomes a testament to the lengths opposition parties are willing to go to undermine Apga and your administration.

This is more than a plea; it is a call for introspection and proactive measures. Opposition forces seem to be going beyond conventional strategies to tarnish the reputation of Apga and your leadership. It is incumbent upon us, as advocates for the progress and well-being of Anambra State, to address these challenges head-on.

Anagor’s actions, if substantiated, represent a betrayal in the guise of camaraderie. This article serves as a call to action for thorough investigation and decisive steps to preserve the sanctity of the political processes in Awka North and beyond.

This article unveils additional dimensions to the activities of Hon. ThankGod Anagor, shedding light on aspects that warrant careful consideration. The observations detailed herein are aimed at fostering transparency and upholding the principles of good governance within Awka North.

Despite Hon. Anagor’s public displays of appreciation for your projects on social media, an incongruity is evident in his actions. His purported silence on tangible projects within Awka North raises questions about his commitment to local development. While he appears to champion your initiatives online, an alleged diversion of allocations and security votes for personal use leaves room for scrutiny.

Anagor’s ubiquitous presence at various social events raises eyebrows. The question of whether he is engaging in genuine governance or persistent campaigning requires further contemplation. The absence of constituency projects for over four months, coupled with the prevailing security challenges in Awka North, prompts concerns from the public. It is essential to clarify whether these challenges stem from the allocation and utilization of security votes, as some may erroneously assume.

A peculiar incident involving Anagor’s celebration of Hon. Chidi Chidebe, a prominent PDP figure and Atiku Abubakar’s campaign director in Awka North, adds another layer to the unfolding narrative. While celebrating birthdays is a normal social gesture, the political implications of a Local Government Chairman openly celebrating a prominent member of an opposing party raise valid concerns. Furthermore, the alleged distribution of forms to PDP loyalists instead of the intended recipients exacerbates these concerns.

A citizen reported that he, unknowingly, distributed forms he printed to his people in Awka North only to discover, upon reaching the Commissioner for Youths and Sports’ office, that the registration had ended three weeks prior. This occurrence emphasizes the urgency of investigating and rectifying the mismanagement of registration forms.

This article seeks to illuminate these observations, emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of the aforementioned concerns to ensure that governance within Awka North aligns with the principles of accountability, transparency, and equitable distribution of resources.

I appreciate the opportunity to express my thoughts and concerns. As I plan to return home this Christmas, I hold a strong belief that Governor Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s transformative work will make Anambra shine. Before December arrives, I anticipate witnessing positive changes that will further elevate our beloved state.

God bless Governor Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo.

God bless Anambra state.
Dr Jude Enyinnaya writes from Ccotland

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