As the calls for Ndigbo exodus heats up..communities in Anambra asked to be more accomodating

From my dm.. Ndigbo come home, Ndigbo come home, na like this we go come home? To be victims in our own land, in the hands of our own kinsmen? What good has ever come out of Oba? To the general public, avoid investing in Oba until the community sorts out exactly what their problems are. What’s the difference between this and the demolition going on in Lagos?! Why is there no uproar like we saw in Lagos? If it’s done by our people, it’s cool, if it’s Lagos, it’s witch hunting and marginalisation! Why is ANSG quiet? Who are the people behind this wickedness?! Same Oba that collect ID card money from non indigenes? Same Oba that collect new development levy on each decking? Same Oba 12yr old were doing prost!tut!on? Like I said, avoid investing in Oba.


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