Asians own Lagos ,but SW sees only Ndigbo/Blessing Adima and C J Amaechi

Am befuddled at the wicked phrase “Igbos are their own enemies” because they refuse to vote for Tinubu and that’s why they are out to destroy the properties of Igbos in Lagos state and somebody is justifying that because of the entitlement mentality.
They don’t have problem with the Asians that are dominating Lagos state and treating their people as slave. They don’t problem with the Fulanis that have taken over communities collecting levy from indigenous farmers in the Southwest. Tinubu, his family and supporters think Igbos are their problem. I guess Seyi Tinubu will soon divorce his wife because she Igbo.
Sometimes the hatred sounds like something from the abyss… People like OY and Remi Thiefnubu are just the ones we know, there are many others perpetrating this inhuman activities on the igbos in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria out of envy and other malicious sentiments…. As if it’s igbos that asked the fulanis to take over Ilorin and install an emirate there…


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