Dissident Genaral Mahamadou Abou Tarka is discharged from the Nigerien military

Breaking Niger – General Mahamadou Abou Tarka is discharged from the military. On November 24th, 2023, the ministry of Defense released a statement that Major General MAHAMADOU ABOU TARKA registration number OA/SM, in service at the Headquarters Battalion of the Nigerien Armed Forces, is placed on discharge for desertion, as of September 1, 2023. Now, you may be wondering why such a harsh decision? Well, it is simple, when the coup happened on July 26th, 2023, the General fled to Nigeria . Some say he crossed the border illegally dressed as a woman because, remember, all the borders and entry points were closed . Nigeria was the shortest route for me, since the country shares borders with Niger . But for you to understand what was going on, I have provided you with a video where Abou Tarka in April this year was insulting the transitional governments of@GoitaAssimiand@CapitaineIb226


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. Here him out: “The Malian and Burkinabè transitions have isolated themselves from the international community. They do not receive any more support, neither military nor financial. They gargle empty slogans, and wage war on lying press releases and propaganda on social media. Their awakening will only be more painful. As for us, the President of the republic @mohamedbazoum

has made the choice to call on our French, German , American, Italian, Spanish, allies, but also on our African allies within@ecowas_cedeao_AfricanUnionand@UN

. Everyone is mobilizing alongside us under our leadership. These ones also understand that it is up to us to lead this war. It is not their war. They only come to help us out where needed. If we fail, the failure will be our entire responsibility, and not that of our allies. And if we succeed in protecting our country and to reconstruct it, we will have done it in full sovereignty. I thank you for your kind attention!” Alright, folks, what do you make of this? Why did Abou Tarka flee to Nigeria ? Did he know he will be sued? If he didn’t have anything to fear, why did he illegally flee to baba Tinubu? You see, the man knew what he has done. I remember, when I heard his speech, that I was so mad, because I hate traitors. You heard me well! No place for traitors like this coward. The man insulted our two countries under the watch of Bazoum, but we didn’t say anything. After all, what else can you expect from a corrupt government headed by a puppet? This is the type of useless and incompetent leaders that the West love to have in Africa, the slave mentality, the house negroes running the businesses of their masters. When he said that this war is not the war of the West, he is dead wrong. The West created terrorism in the Sahel after cowardly killing Mohammad Gaddafi, and as long they were remaining in the Sahel, there is no way we would win this war. They are the ones sponsoring and breeding terrorism in the Sahel. Anyway, let us forget about this coward General. Again, time is God’s second name that knows how to put everyone at their place! Long live the AES! A luta continua!

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