You cant defeat igbos,dont push them to the wall,Senator Ogunlewe advises SW

if the character of the demography of community changes they will there is hardly any thing you can do..they will take over from you its just a matter of time where they are predominant..leave it for them/Dnt oush them to to he wall


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he continues
Don’t Push Igbos To The Wall. I Grew Up With Them, Went To School With Them, Do Business With Them, So I know Their Capability And Determination As A People. If They Want To Take Over Lagos, They Will Take It And There Nothing We Can Do About It. But That’s Not Their Intention, They Just Want To Do Their Business In Peace, And We Should Stop Provoking Them. I Have Received Numerous Accounts Of Touts Going To Their Business To Provoke Them For No reason. There Is Just Much They Can Take. An Igbo Man Never Instigates Or Starts A Fight But If You Bring Fight To Him, He Was Raised To Be Aggressive, To Never Retreat Or Stop, He Will Fight To The Finish!

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