We are going to face security and do more business in 2024/Hope Uzodinma

As the end of the year 2023 draws nearer, it has indeed been a year of progress and accomplishments for the Imo State Governor, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Uzodimma CON.


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From all indications, Governor Uzodimma’s leadership has brought a lot of positive changes to Imo State, and there is much to celebrate.The Governor has also achieved some personal successes.This is all a testament to his dedication and commitment to improving the lives of the people of Imo State.

Some of the most impressive personal accomplishments of the governor in 2023 include his conferment with the National Honour of Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON), his emergence as the Chairman of the Nigerian Progressive Governors Forum, and that of the South East Governors Forum respectively. But the icing on the cake is winning re-election for his second term in office as the Governor of Imo State.

Governor Uzodimma is ending the year strong and on a high note. This is a sign of greater things to come in 2024. The governor’s successes in 2023 are an indication of the positive impact he has had on the state and a sign of the progress that is about to come.

Even in the face of daunting challenges, it is clear that the governor has made significant progress in many important areas. He has demonstrated strength and resilience, and the ability to persevere and navigate through difficult circumstances and situations.

Let’s start with the economy. Under the governor’s leadership, Imo State has witnessed a significant increase in infrastructural development which is key to economic growth. Nobody will deny that there have been major improvements in infrastructure, including roads, and access to health with new hospitals and reconstructed rural health centres.

In the area of education, the Governor single-handedly attracted new tertiary institutions including the Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education and the Federal University of Technology Owerri Teaching Hospital. Both came to fruition in 2023.

But most importantly, the governor has made great strides in tackling crime and improving security in the state. We must not forget that reducing insecurity is critical to attracting investment and economic growth. This is because investors need to feel safe and secure to do business in the state. At the height of the security challenges, the state was abandoned. But today, Imo State has regained its status as a destination of choice for retreats, conferences and seminars. A new International Conference Centre is even nearing completion in the heart of Owerri, the state capital. What we have seen is a comprehensive approach to improving security in the state. Governor Uzodimma has properly equipped security agencies by giving them the tools they need to effectively do their jobs, he has ensured that resources are allocated where they are needed most and he has provided adequate remuneration which has ensured that security personnel are motivated and committed to their jobs.

Other intangible but critical indices of the state’s economic development have improved tremendously. Progress has been made in the areas of Ease of Doing business which is key to attracting investment and creating jobs, while the state’s strong GDP ranking is a sign of economic strength. There are important measures that have had a positive impact on the ease of doing business in Imo State. The reduction of double taxation removes a major barrier to investment, while the removal of bureaucratic delays and automation of governance processes has encouraged the expansion of existing businesses. The simplification of the hitherto opaque land administration and management process is also a key step in making the state more business-friendly. Overall, these reforms show a commitment to making the state more attractive to investors and businesses.

Creating a more inclusive society can also be classified as an asset because it has helped to build trust and understanding among stakeholders, making the people feel more involved in the activities of their state and communities. By bringing people together, the governor has built a stronger foundation for peace and prosperity in the state.

As the year 2023 enters its final lap, there is no doubt that Governor Uzodimma is finishing strong with worthy accomplishments to his name.

 source: www.ansamediahub.com 

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