Why i punched police man during cultural celebration/NASS member (video)

Tunji Akinosi, the House of Representatives member representing Ado-Odo Ota Federal Constituency, has refuted allegations of assaulting a policeman during the 2023 Iganmode Day event held on Saturday.


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All Nigeria Latest News reports that in response to a widely circulated online video, Akinosi asserted that the footage was edited and incomplete, emphasizing that it did not accurately depict the actual sequence of events during the occasion.

In a statement on Tuesday, Akinosi explained that he pushed the police officer due to alleged disrespect towards the state’s Deputy Governor and threats made against him, prompting his reaction.

The statement read, “The disrespectful policeman was attached to Senator Yayi and not the Deputy Governor.

“Setting the record straight, Akinosi only pushed the so-called overzealous officer, one M. Yusuf who was rude and displayed a high sense of irresponsibility at the event

The officer’s disrespectful conduct angered the youths at the event. The unruly officer had earlier assaulted the Deputy Governor’s aide, Kola Salako, and others in the Deputy Governor’s train all in the name of doing his job.

“Akinosi’s interaction with the officer was meant to be a reconciliatory effort but the officer’s rudeness and derogatory statement and threat to deal with him when he was trying to call the policeman to order. That was exactly what transpired.

“The alleged assault is just another attempt to change the narrative and bring Akinosi to disrepute ahead of the next political game in Ogun State that’s already playing out behind the scenes.

“It’s becoming pretty alarming how all manners of unknown platforms and people claiming to be journalists put out unverified news items just to drag people’s reputations in the mud.

“Akinosi is a responsible member of the House of Representatives who is working hard to fulfill his campaign promises to thousands of his constituents and he shall not be distracted.”

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