IPOB denies involvement in the murder of Imo monarch,says police allegations are incoherent and disjointed

IPOB PRESS RELEASE, 22/12/2023. NIGERIA GOVERNMENT AND POLICE LIED; ACCUSED IPOB OF BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BABARICK MURDER OF IMO MONARCH IN MBAISE -IPOB The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB led by our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU describes the Nigerian Police as not only unintelligent but also not good at fabricating stories. We are saying that they will always expose their daftness in trying to link IPOB with their criminal activities in Southeast. IPOB condemns the activities of the Nigeria sponsored criminals, and the Nigerian Police incoherent and disjointed allegation of IPOB’s involvement in the murder of kidnapped Imo State monarch. This is another shameful exposure of the Nigeria Police’s intellegence inability to speak truth. Their cluellessness and daftness are once more exposed. IPOB is here to say that the Nigeria police desperate attempts to damage the name and image of IPOB have once again come to nothing. Nigerian police always expose their level of duplicity in trying to blackmail IPOB. The global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB ably led by our unbroken and never-say die leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wishes to debunk the Nigerian Police incoherent and disjointed story of IPOB’s involvement in the alleged murder of the kidnapped Imo State monarch. While we are not ready to waste our time trying to argue issues with the Nigerian police over its publication fingering IPOB in the alleged murder of the kidnapped Imo State monarch, we must point out that the Nigerian Police contradicted itself in an attempt to implicate and tarnish the image of IPOB. First and foremost, the Nigerian Police said that some suspected members of IPOB were fingered in the murder of the traditional ruler of Otulu Community Amaumara Mbaise in Ezinihite Local Government Area of Imo State, Eze Joe Ochulor. According to the Nigerian Police, Some indigenes of the community alleged that his assailants were suspected members of IPOB, and he could have been murdered because of his association with one of their indigenes identified simply as Chidiebere who went to the deceased traditional ruler following allegations of threat to his life by some IPOB members. The same Police said that Chidiebere is an IT professional who had been severely lobbied by some members of IPOB to join their political struggle but he refused and so have been having several attempts on his life and his family members’ lives as well. The same Police said that Chidiebere flee from the city to the village when the pressure was much because he was also hunted by government agencies because of information he had about the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC’s IRev in the last presidential election. “What a contradiction, being hunted by IPOB members, and being hunted by the government and its agencies for being IT savy. And we ask, how does Chidiebere’s business concern IPOB? Is IPOB involved in a political struggle like the police alleged. IPOB is a Biafra liberation agitation group, not a political struggle organization. IPOB asks again if we are responsible for securing a traditional ruler? Is the security agents, army, or police and other security outfits that give protection of hunted persons not responsible? Is the Nigerian Police not unintelligent and daft for saying that the hunted person that probably led to the killing of the monarch is being hunted by IPOB. What business do we have with him? “What the Nigerian Police is telling the world is that the alleged murdered monarch was a politician, and the hunted IT professional engaged in some political dealings that is against the government and its agencies so they were hunting him. The police is also telling the world that they are also on his trail on behalf of the Imo State government for the IT professional probably having a lot of information about INEC IRev on the last shambolic election in the state. The politicians and the police that he was working for were not comfortable with the existence of both the traditional ruler who was safeguarding him or the hunted IT professional, which drove them to do what they did. We in IPoB want to make it categorically clear that we had nothing against the traditional ruler or the IT professional who was allegedly being hunted because they are NO threat to the Biafra liberation struggle and movement. IPOB is never involved and will never be involved in any political struggle like the police accused us of. The Nigerian Police and the Imo State government is telling the world half truth over the circumstances behind the death of the traditional ruler. Mbaise people should ask the Imo State government and INEC what happened to their son, the traditional ruler, and the real reason they are hunting this IT professional, Chidiebere. IPOB doesn’t know who Chidiebere, the IT professional, is. The Nigerian Police should do better by using journalist on the ground to disseminate their lies in the Southeast instead of rushing to Abuja and Lagos to use journalists that are not even from the Southeast to tell the world concorted and fabricated lies against IPOB and the Biafra agitation group. This one did not click at all.


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