We want to restore relations with neighboring countries affected by coups.” President Talon

Benin – “We want to restore relations with neighboring countries affected by coups.” President.


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Benin wishes to re-establish ties with its core business partners in western Africa which have undergone unconstitutional regime changes.

President Patrice Talon revealed this in Porto-Novo during his state of the nation address in Parliament on Thursday (Dec. 21).

“We want a world free of war and terrorism. We believe in the peaceful coexistence of nations and peoples. It is this same logic that prompts me to express today our desire to see a rapid restoration of relations between Benin and countries where coups d’état have been used to undermine democratic processes.”

Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso were listed among Benin’s 30 core business partners in the 2022 foreign trade report by the national institute of statistics and demographics.

Talon said his country’s never cut ties with its neighbors.

Sy Marcus Herve Traore responds

“Benin’s diplomacy has not failed to discreetly and repeatedly send messages to these brother countries, in particular Niger. We are convinced that there is a time to condemn, a time to demand, and a time to review what’s happened and even duly note of it.”

Patrice Talon however insisted that military leaders had to cooperate and disclose their intentions and their expectations regarding the international community.

Since 2020, four west African region were hit by coups….source Africa News

In his annual state of the nation address, the Beninese President @PatriceTalonPR, the man who allowed a French warship in his waters that wanted to attack Niger had things to say to countries under coups d’état. Hear him out: “Seizure of power by force of arms must be condemned by any convinced democrat. We did it, in expressing our reprobation, thus remaining in line with our country’s values, but also by being aligned with the regional, sub regional and continental organizations, and also with the international community. It is clear, however, that Benin has never wanted or wished that the sanctions imposed by community and international authorities to have the effect of complicating the daily lives of the populations, and making their lives more difficult. This is why our country did not fail to send messages in a discreet and repeated manner, to these sister countries, particularly Niger . When we are convinced that there is a time to condemn, a time to demand, and a moment to take stock, see, take note. But taking note requires that our interlocutors play their part, by reassuring, by clearly expressing their intention, but also expectations of the international community, that which is not yet the case today. This means that the ball is in the court of the authorities. So, they must give proof of their willingness to discuss and also hear the legitimate concerns of the community to which their country belongs. Otherwise, it would be an excuse to anyone who would use arms to destabilize our States and to question democracy. However, we need more than ever in view of the situation in the world, that in our countries, state power is increasingly stable to put an end to the marginalization of the continent.” Alright, let me make two or three points and I’m done. Mr President@PatriceTalonPR with all due respect, I wished you made your speech without mentioning us, because I’m offended by what you said and here is why: 1. If@GoitaAssimididn’t remove the French puppet late President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, the French would never have been sacked from Mali , and Kidal would never have been reconquered. Today, Mali controls its resources and their army can go anywhere in their land, are you telling me this is not the best thing that happened to Malians in decades? 2. When the sellout Damiba was in charge, we didn’t see the same aggressiveness and enmity against Burkina Faso . But since @CapitaineIb226came into power, then all of a sudden, he is the bad guy, a beast that must be eliminated at all cost and by all means necessary. Are you telling me Mr President that you know better than what we the people want? No! Mr President! This is an insult, an insult because we see the difference with Captain and Damiba or under Roch Marc Christian Kabore, all corrupt politicians. 3. If the corrupt


was not removed, we would never have achieved tremendous progress and victories on terrorism, and we would never have seen our alliance of Sahel States stronger than ever before without any foreign interference. Mr President, you seem to be living in another world, because the so called “international community” is actually the G7, so they are the minority community. So, we don’t give a damn about what they think about us, because they never give a damn about us in the first place. So, spare me the nonsense. Finally, Mr President


, I don’t know if you came back to your senses after you realized that you have ruined your own economy, that you want to restore relations with us, especially with Niger , but let me remind you that this syndicate and club of Heads of state called


is a corrupt, useless and terrorist organization that has been hijacked by the imperialists. So, don’t you think that the AES is going to bow to your demands. You’re just being delusional!

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