In defiance of Ecowas, Benin republic opens its sea borders to Niger Republic

Benin – Ending the suspension of imports of goods destined for Niger . In an official announcement, the autonomous port of Cotonou said that, “In view of the substantial improvement in the operational conditions for processing goods at the port of Cotonou, in particular the reduction in the congestion rate, the measure relating to the suspension at the port of Cotonou of imports of goods in destination for Niger has been lifted.” I showed you the other day that @PatriceTalonPR said they wanted to restore relations with countries under coups d’état lol. But the truth is, he has finally woken up to see the damage he has done to his own economy. He has foolishly followed @ecowas_cedeao in imposing sanctions on Niger and now @FEGnassingbe has taken advantage of his slackness. Sometimes, African Presidents are just comedians. Instead of telling us plainly that they have faulted, they put out stupid statements thinking that we don’t understand what is going on. Lifting the suspension of Niger imports has nothing to do with congestion rate at your port. Your port is rather empty and we know it. So, stop telling us lies, we’re in modern days of internet. We all see what’s happening and news travels around faster at lightning speed. Anyway, next time, if ECOWAS asks you to jump into a well, do it, since you guys love your “democracy” so much lol.


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By Sy Marcus Herve Traore

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