Ecowas accuses BFaso of break down of security,Govt of Burkina Faso Fires back

“The Gov’t of Burkina Faso has taken note of a press release from the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) dated December 30, 2023, in which the Commission “reiterates its concern” regarding what she describes as “deterioration of the security situation in the country”. The Transitional Gov’t expresses its astonishment and incomprehension at such a biased reading of the evolution of the security situation and the heroic fight of our people for their independence and sovereignty. While the Burkinabè fighting forces reap indisputable victories in the operations to reconquer the national territory, while the Defense and Security Forces as well as the Volunteers for the Defense of the Motherland tirelessly track down the hordes of terrorists at bay, the community organization apparently wears blinders that obscure its view of this reality. In the same press release, the Commission attributes to the Transition authorities liberticidal excesses and mentions “the arrest and detention of political figures and civil society by the Transition authorities” as well as “an illegal and arbitrary procedure ” of requisition intended to repress all freedom of expression in the country”. The Gov’t deplores such an unfounded, inconsistent and incongruous assessment, and reminds the ECOWAS Commission that it is with full responsibility that Burkina Faso, as part of its strategy to combat terrorism, has equipped itself with a legal system relating to “general mobilization” and “warning” to facilitate the security of the territory. The Government wishes to affirm that it is in compliance with the procedure prescribed by legal and regulatory provisions that the requisitions of Burkinabè citizens have been carried out to date. The Gov’t is saddened by the silence of the community org on the major issues in the fight against terrorism in our area. This is particularly the case for ransom payments which contribute to the financing of terrorism. Likewise, the organization is strangely voiceless despite the massacres and assassinations perpetrated against ECOWAS citizens by bloodthirsty barbarians. It observes the same complacent attitude towards countries that protect, supply and facilitate the movements of terrorists. Instead of being interested in these valuable questions, ECOWAS prefers to invest in “the search for solutions” to incidental or non-existent problems. The Transitional Gov’t does not intend to be entertained by communications of the type of that made by the ECOWAS Commission which come from an overflowing and totally truncated imagination on the real situation of the struggle of our people and reminds the Commission to the requirement for discernment in the conduct of its mission. The Gov’t also takes this opportunity to express its persistent doubts about this always reaffirmed desire for the constant availability of the ECOWAS Commission “to support the Burkinabè authorities in their efforts to bring peace and security”. The Gov’t of Burkina Faso therefore calls for respect for the choices made by the authorities and the Burkinabè people, and based on the strong desire to provide endogenous solutions for the restoration of territorial integrity. At this crucial turning point in the history of Burkina Faso, the Gov’t specifies that its priorities remain focused on the enormous security and humanitarian issues, and would be grateful to the ECOWAS Commission for being part of this logic, as long as it is driven by a real desire to support its efforts.”


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