New Year 2024: Igbo Global Network Sends Special Greetings To Umuigbo Worldwide, Sympathizes With Igbos Over Their Destroyed Properties In Lagos.*



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Igbo Global Network wishes UmuIgbo a Happy New Year; Sympathized with Igbos over their destroyed properties in Lagos.

The Board and Management of Igbo Global Network use this medium to wish UmuIgbo a happy New Year, while consoling those whose properties and businesses were destroyed by Lagos State government.

We feel the pains of dejection and rejection of UmuIgbo in many areas in Nigeria, especially the aftermath of the 2023 generation elections; with its attending injustices, impunity in political reforms and economic distributions, targeted to reduce the economy of UmuIgbo in Nigeria.

The year 2023 showed us that though we are Nigerians, but one Nigeria may only be an illusion for many Nigerians, especially those from the Southeast extraction.

We express our dismay to the difficulties encountered by UmuIgbo in Nigeria, even after many years of hardships from the Civil War; UmuIgbo continued to be used as scapegoats by some insensitive political officials, an example of the present Lagos State government.

As the year just began, we call on UmuIgbo to embrace the need for survival and development of the Igbo Nation. (Aku rou ulo)

We have labored through thick and thin to develop many parts of Nigeria, especially Lagos State; building estates, companies and factories to the detriment, penury and shortchanged of our people and our Land.

The dream of our Ancestors was for Alaigbo to be a place of cultural values; beehives of economic strength and a happy secured home for the Igbo race.

It is Time to go back home to the land of our birth and use our God’s given talents, wealth and uncommon wisdom to develop Alaigbo. (Anya Na a cho Nke ya)

We cannot labor in vain nor our finances be allowed to go down the drains just like we are witnessing in Lagos State presently.

As a matter of urgency and survival of the Igbo lineage, Igbo Global Network calls on UmuIgbo Worldwide to join hands in the unity and development of the Igbo Nation, while calling for the security of our lands and our properties all over Nigeria.

The days are fast approaching, and it is very near when Igbo Land will stand out amongst Nations and tribes as a land of honor and might; developed in beauty and splendors.

Alaigbo ga a di ri ri mma!


EziAda Ifeoma
Public Relations Specialist
Igbo Global Network

Phone: +14242550651


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