After receiving grains from Ukraine,A famished Nigeria says “No one dictates to us what we do”

“No one dictates to us what we do”, proclaims the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Moscow Nigerian Foreign Minister Yusuf Maitama Tuggar paid an official visit to Moscow from March 5-7. During his stay, he answered questions from Sputnik regarding the Western pressure his country would face due to its cooperation with Russia. “Nigeria is not the kind of country that succumbs to pressure,” Mr Tuggar said. “We have been determined since our inception. Since we became independent in 1960, we joined the Non-Aligned Movement. We do what we think is right for us as a country, no one dictates what we do .” The Nigerian minister thus reaffirmed the sovereign position of his country vis-à-vis international pressure. This statement comes in a context of increased tensions between the West and Russia, following the invasion of Ukraine. Nigeria, which maintains historical ties with the two powers, intends to maintain its neutrality and its freedom of choice in matters of foreign policy.
Source except heading is from #AESinfo


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