As pressure mounts on Erisco,Mr Udofia makes suspicious moves for peace with tomato paste reviewer

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Chairman of Erisco Foods Ltd, Chief Dr Eric Umeofia, NPOM, MFR, the President/CEO of Erisco Foods Ltd. My Company, Freshminds Comm Ltd, a Public Relations and Media Company has been engaged to manage the Image and Reputation of Erisco Foods Ltd….


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2. Our brief includes the misrepresentation of the company by some section of the public on the position of Erisco Foods Ltd on the Matter between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Mrs. Chioma Egodi. After studying the case, I reached out to the family of Chioma Egodi….

3. to see if they are willing to make peace and make amends with Erisco Foods so the matter can be withdrawn from court. I tried my best but it seems the family doesn’t want to make peace with the company. Since FreshComm has been engaged to address and manage the spread…..

4. of misinformation, build and maintain a strong reputation and positive image, and present the real facts of the situation to the general public, we will do this job professionally and ensure that the public is properly informed on the position of the company at all times…Via Cornel Osigwe Head of PR Erisco Foods

Chudi Nnamdi victim of ethnic bullying reacts
Since last year, Chioma has made videos and interviews apologizing to Erisco Food and the CEO Eric Umeofia, many respected individuals reached out to the CEO pleading on behalf of the pregnant woman for the withdrawal of the case but Umeofia refused. Eric Umeofia was seen recently in a recent interview swearing that he will deal with Chioma till she goes to jail. He further claimed that Chioma was sent by a big man from Nnewi to destroy his company. If Eric Umeofia wants to save the image of his company, he knows what to do. This media paparazzi is a waste of time.

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