Factional IPOB lists those to be killed in a coming coup

BREAKING Nigeria looming coup: Hope Uzodinma and his co coup plotters and coup mongers has intensified their effort and listed top men to be eliminated in @officialABAT camp. Toping the list of those that they see as being obstacles and must first be eliminated are: 1. Femi F gbajabiamila the Chief of staff, from the intelligence at our disposal. The coup plotters sees Femi as a big threat and must be eliminated. Femi is not publicly talking about the coup but behind the scenes. He has been very mad and very stressed about the coup, he is like the gateman to Tinubu and they want him eliminated. 2. Bello Matawalle the Minister of state for defence, he is topping the list of the prominent people in Tinubu Government that will be assassinated any moment from now. The coup plotters somehow sees him as a stumbling block. 3. Shettima, the Vice President, Shettima assassination will be in the South East, not in Imo state. Hope want him eliminated in other state in South East or South South but not in Imo. The reason for this is because they know they are suspecting Hope Uzodinma already and if the attack is not carried out simultaneously, things may go wrong and then they have something to arrest Hope Uzodinma or place him under house arrest. This is what the coup plotters are thinking. Shettima will be assassinated like Gulak, but because fingers are already pointing at Hope Uzodinma for his involvement, Shettima will not be assassinated in Imo State. The reason i am making this public is not to stop them from the coup but to inform every tribe and indigenous people within Nigeria and Oduduwa brother that Igbos or Biafra has no hand in this. Hope Uzodinma is not representing Biafra or Igbo people, systematically we are no longer part of Nigeria. Therefore, whatever happens, Igbo or Biafra must not be attached to it. This exposition may also delay the coup as they will know there is a leak somewhere and may want to block the leak before anything happens./Simon Ekpa


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