As US reacts to Russian military encirclement of Africa,Adebayo Raphael tales a deep look at implications for Nigeria

Some eminent northern leaders Friday cautioned against allowing the United States and the French governments to relocate their military bases from the Sahel to Nigeria. …


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Quick Thoughts. If you are struggling to comprehend the monumental threat of situating Western military bases in Nigeria, you only need to think back to Buhari’s Cattle Colony (Ruga) program and why it was strongly rejected by Nigerians in the South and Middle Belt. Ruga became a hot-button issue because it was rightly suspected to be Buhari’s sinister way of advancing his Fulani hegemony agenda. In this particular case, you have to ask why these Western imperial powers that already have an unjustifiable military presence in nearly two dozen African countries want to add Nigeria to the list. Also, ask why Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso recently forced these self-interested people out of their countries. By the way, those three African countries have recorded some real progress in their fight against Islamic terrorists since they cleared out the bad faith actors. If these countries are saying no because it is a terrible one-sided deal, why should Nigeria say yes? While you are at it, remind yourselves that the IMF and World Bank currently have African countries in a suffocating economic chokehold through their usurious loans and Structural Adjustment Programs. Add the potential stranglehold of military special forces barracked in your backyard to this arrangement and it shouldn’t be hard to see why any sane person wouldn’t want this. If you think ethno-religious extremists are dangerous monomaniac troglodytes, wait until you see what Western imperialists can do to you in your own house. Finally, try to find out how many African countries have military bases in Western countries. Let me know when you find any. Don’t let Tinubu’s avaricious agenda send all of us to our ruin.

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