Many sins of Opay Surfacing..a lawyer narrates his experience

BV wrote Vincent Macvin Joseph My client’s is still paying heavily for the negligence of Opay in allowing a fraudster to open an Opay account with my client’s details without his knowledge and the account had been used to receive ransom severally from kidnappers and even forthe receipt of stolen monies. The police kept tracking my client (a 65 years retiree) for a long time without him knowing. My petition against Opay since January 2024 is still pending.
BV wrote on OPAY aided fraud We are still battling the issue with the police. When police came for the arrest of my client it was in a gestapo manner thinking that they had caught a big fish but only to realize that the 65 yr old retiree was also a victim


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Opay is one of the microfinance houses axed by the central bank for unhealthy forex practices

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