Tensions between Benin and Niger

Tensions between Benin and Niger =. The President of Benin ==


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decided to block the delivery of Nigérien crude oil that transits through their port. His explanation is that, if Niger = doesn’t open its borders with them, he is not going to allow the transport of crude oil that China = has already paid for. Pr Talon also said that cereals like corn and sorghum are illegally exported to Niger = through river Niger, and that he has called on the Nigérien authorities to come to a consensus so that they will regulate exports and imports between their two countries, and that Niger has refused. Therefore, he decided that he will not allow Nigérien oil to go through his country. He also denied the fact that Niger is saying that Benin is harboring mercenaries who want to destabilize their country. But there’s more to this than can meet the eye, and I will tell you how. First of all, the oil is going through pipelines that China = has built from Niger = to Benin =. So, President Talon knows it very well and can’t pretend as if it’s something new. Second, due to the situation, the Nigérien PM gave a press conference to explain what is going on. He said that, Niger will be “ready to reopen the border with Benin, when we are certain that our territory is safe. We have sovereignly decided to keep our border closed with Benin because on the territory of Benin , there are French bases and on some of them, we train terrorists who must come and destabilize our country.” Third, I saw a documentary of a Beninese investigative journalist who confirmed that Benin = has indeed French secret military bases in the northern part of the country, closer to the border with Niger =. He even boldly stated that even if Talon is trying to conceal the truth about French military presence, he won’t be able to hide it from the public. So my question to you all, who is telling the truth? For me, it’s clear: President Talon is not telling the truth. I have shown you videos of how he,


allowed French warships into their waters when France = was about to attack Niger = under the cover of ECOWAS military intervention. Their wicked scheme has been exposed and this is why there has not been a military intervention so far. Moreover, I don’t think the CNSP can make a press conference and tell us about French mercenaries still stationed and training in Benin if they don’t have intel. After all, they are soldiers and they know very well how far France can go. We are dealing with monsters and cowards who still can’t get over the fact that they lost 3 countries that they were plundering for centuries. Some of us have said it here on many occasions that Niger should never let its guard down, because the French are very wicked and revengeful. They themselves have openly said that now that they have been sacked from Niger , that they will be able to conduct clandestine operations to destabilize the country. So, why should Niger open its borders with Benin ? Even with Nigeria , believe me, if there was any sign of foreign military presence, that border would never have been opened. And should the CNSP receive any intel that foreign troops will be using the Nigerian border, they’d close it down. And what Talon seems to not understand is that, he thinks he is harming Niger, but he’s actually creating his own problem with China . Plus, China can build pipelines from Niger to Chad , to connect with the existing pipelines between Chad and Cameroon and the problem will be resolved. So, for me, that puppet


after ruining his own economy because he listened to


and closed the borders, is trying to make up for the damage, and I agree. But at the same time, him wanting to let the French mercenaries back into Niger , that’s unacceptable. This is why we should never trust sellouts and traitors. They are the enemies from within, worst than the enemies from without.



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