How Wike nearly strangled Fubara/A take

I wonder if you are familiar with RS names. You’ll see that they all are Ikwerre people. The man imposed all the Ikwerre commissioners on SIM. He appointed his Chief of Staff, Ikwerre. He even as much as appointed his cook


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Poor boy was living in a cage, with a noose around his neck. He commissioned numerous projects, took the glory but didn’t pay, left debts for his successor. Besides that, he requested 50% monthly allocation to the State, for just him – one man. His successor was to settle debts he left him and give him half the State allocation so he’d not be able to do anything during his tenure, fail woefully and make Wike appear like a star. Apart from the allocation from the Centre he wanted, he’d set up the system so he continues to get over N10bn from monthly IGR, with the positioning of his stooges in strategic places in SIM’s system. He stole all that money the 8 years he reigned as Lord. Their fight started when SIM refused to give him what he sought and tried to negotiate to give him a little less. You may have heard when SIM claimed that he increased the IGR by 50% in a few months in office. He didn’t do any magic. IGR ain’t anything you increase to that magnitude in a few month. He just blocked the siphon to Wike and channeled it to State Treasury. This is the bottom line of the fight. The “structure” Wike claims he built is the Channels to perpetually milk RS. It ain’t political structure _natin_ .

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