Wike is trying to pocket RiversState as Jagaban pocketed Lagos./Romeo

I feel sorry for people like Ofedike who see democracy or politics as an end in itself. Imagine putting Wike’s interest ahead of that of the people. What is happening in RiversState was what happened in Anambra in 2003. The Ubas and their co-travelers who held Anambra down for 4yrs during late Gov Mbadinuju’s stint had brought in Ngige to continue to protect their personal interests at the expense of Anambra and her citizens. But God used Ngige to deliver Anambra from the looters. Same trajectory is playing out in Rivers now. So I see anyone supporting Wike’s interest against that of Rivers people as a cursed person. Such people see politics as a means of feathering their own personal interest rather than a means of feathering that of the generality of the people. Wike is known for hypocrisy, double-standard and speaking from both sides of his mouth. Was it not same garrulous Wike who told Jagaban 4yrs ago in Benin that Edo people were not as docile and as weak like Lagosians to allow the latter pocket Edo same way he pocketed Lagos? Now same Wike is trying to pocket RiversState as Jagaban pocketed Lagos. Yet some people here who are better off in a Headshrinker’s clinic are calling Fubara the villain rather than the schizophrenic who wants Fubara to stand and watch him and his hatchetmen plunder EdoState treasury.


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