Perfidy, Perfidy, Perfidy! Beware of the enemies from within!/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Perfidy, Perfidy, Perfidy! Beware of the enemies from within! Yesterday, these individuals were arrested for trying to physically eliminate our leaders. Their guns were taken from them. As you can see, they were dressed as Niger soldiers of the Waters and Forests Service. This is exactly the same tactics the imperialists have been using with the terrorists. They provide them with the uniforms of our soldiers and they go and shoot innocent civilians, and the inhabitants will think it’s our own soldiers who did the carnage. Do you recall last year when the French businessman was trying to smuggle in Burkina Faso military uniforms into their embassy in Niger but were caught by the Nigerien authorities? This is exactly what perfidy is all about. So, the goal was to infiltrate the crowds with people who look like us. As our enemies saw the multitude that came out to welcome


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on Friday, they thought we were going to have the same fervor when


lands in Niamey. To their surprise, and to our surprise too, there was no procession with Goïta and Tiani just like what happened on Friday. After Goïta landed, and all the honors were done, General Tiani escorted him straight to the venue. I saw the multitude of Nigeriens who were waiting outside of the airport to welcome


. Perhaps, they felt disappointed, but sometimes our secret services have intel that the people don’t have. So, they didn’t have a procession for a reason So, folks, this is it. I have saying this over and over again: we have more to fear from within than from without. For without the enemies from within, how will the enemies from without be able to control our countries? They always use Africans to sabotage our struggle and to destroy us from within.



and General Tiani


, no mercy for traitors! I repeat, NO MERCY!

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