Prominent Oakland Hotel Enugu named in botched human parts harvest (video)

Two young girls were rescued on Friday from the hands of human body parts harvesters in Enugu. According to information, the girls were taken to Oakland hotel in Enugu, where they were blindfolded and their hands and legs tied. 0ne of the victims explained that she was brought into the hotel by two men who repeatedly beat her up before bringing in another girl, who also received her own dose of beating before they were both tied up. The victims went on to explain that the men left them to go settle with the human parts buyer, following disagreement over price of their parts. On noticing that the men had left the room, one of the victims attempted jumping down from the window of the hotel before she was rescued by people who saw her trying to jump. On getting into the room, the girls were found with both hands and legs tied. The human parts harvesters left their bag,coolers, knives etc. The Enugu State Police is yet to comment on this.


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