Tinubu’s loss of Lagos to Obi wasn’t occasioned by Igbo votes alone. More than half of the votes came from Yoruba people


Prof. Femi Olufunmilade writes :

‘Tinubu and his minions like the Elegushis sold the better part of Lekki, Ajah etc to whoever had money. That was how Igbos came to own lots of property there. They paid to the jeunsoke former governor and his front estate companies.

What Tinubu wouldn’t share is power. It must be in his hands. But he can sell Lagos to anybody at the right price.

Go to Eko Atlantic City. You must be a millionaire in dollars to own a plot there. Again, the Yoruba who own properties there are mainly in the Tinubu circle. The rest are the Chagourys, the Vaswanis, and the much-loathed Igbo.

If Tinubu is indeed that Yoruba iconic defender of our homeland, why didn’t he create low-cost housing estates in half of those areas like Governor Jakande did and sell deliberately to only Yoruba on low-repayment, affordable mortgage through name-check at sales point or by other means?

Oun to wa lehin ofa ju oje!

Tinubu-Sanwoolu’s quest to retain power is to you a Yoruba holy war against Igbo takeover! The fact remains the duo and cronies had handedover over time! Add to that the vast tracts of prime coastline etc handedover to their front man – Bros Aliko D – for private port etc!

Let another Yoruba elite group exercise power too in Lagos. 24 years is enough for Tinubu’s feudal hold! The LP candidate is Yoruba, notwithstanding the deliberate campaign of Igbonisation. He comes from an illustrious Lagos family whose family tree can be traced four generations back. Any good student of Nigeria’s history as it pertains to Lagos will know of the Rhodes-Vivor family alongside the Kitoye Ajasas, the Dosumus, the Macaulays, the Esugbayis, Adeniyi Jones etc.

That a prominent Igbo man is using the Labour Party platform today isn’t equivalent to Igbonisatiom of the party. In case you don’t know, the founder of the Labour Party and its perpetual custodian is the Nigerian Labour Congress.

The first person to attain power through LP is my illustrious egbon, Dr. Segun Mimiko, who was elected governor on its platform in Ondo state. That Obi is in Labour Party is fortuitous. I had invited him to takeover my structures in the SDP. It could have been the SDP making waves in Lagos and its founding parent is Afenifere.

Tinubu’s loss of Lagos to Obi in the presidential election wasn’t occasioned by Igbo votes alone. More than half of the votes came from Yoruba people in Lagos fed up with the parasitic and plutocratic gang now making ethnic bigotry the refuge of those beholden to them. If they survive this, I hope they will have time for the suffering commoners.

Prof. Femi Olufunmilade.

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